Just a short one tonight, I need to be up early to make some calls.

Mum’s home, or at least back at my sister’s house (previously our family home). It is going to be a lot harder for us than we had imagined, but it is already better for her. I am concerned about how disjointed the next steps may be - referrals have been made, but we are in free fall until the actors have been identified, particularly the oncologist (yet to be assigned) and the case manager (a social worker, yet to be assigned). This is the price we will pay for discharging mum before all this was set up, because if she had stayed put, a very capable head nurse would have been sorting it all out. I hope we haven’t made a dreadful mistake. I know mum is better off here, but I worry that we might have jeopardized the process.

Tomorrow we start haranguing people until all these dots have been joined up.